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Jack Levin #5

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Jack Levin #5 is Jack Levin's fifth mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Big Blue and runs concurrently with Rick Wheeler #5 and Zoda #5.


Jack Levin and Rick Wheeler head to Big Blue to partake in the race. While Rick is doing so to take down Zoda, Jack's goal is to not only beat Rick in the race, but finish first in the race overall, and prove he is the best.

After the race, Jack boasts about his victory, to Rick's dismay. Suddenly, Black Shadow shows up with Zoda, saying Zoda is near death and then taunts Rick into a challenge. Jack continues congratulating himself.


Course Map

The mission takes place on Big Blue: Slip Highway. It is a standard five-lap race with twenty-two participants, Jack Levin starting in fourth. Rick and Zoda will tend to hold their second and first place positions respectively, being able to overtake Jack if they get passed by him. The mission's objective is to finish in first place.



Announcer: "Grand Prix time!"
Announcer: "One clear favorite is... JACK LEVIN!"
Announcer: "Ultra-popular, but sweetly naive!"
Announcer: "And how about rising star, Rick Wheeler?"
Jack Levin: "Rick, I don't plan on losing today!"
Rick Wheeler: "You know, Jack, neither do I!"
Rick Wheeler: "Maybe this pair will finish one-two!"
Rick Wheeler: "I'm going to finish this long history with Zoda..."
Rick Wheeler: "Yes, today it all comes to an end!"
Announcer: "Well, all machines are ready!"


Jack Levin: "I did it! I won! Finally! Zoda..."
Jack Levin: "And... Rick!!!"
Rick Wheeler: "Dang it... I beat Zoda, but..."
Rick Wheeler: "But that Jack... He's won it all."
Rick Wheeler: "Huh... What?"
Black Shadow: "Here's your Zoda... He's near death."
Black Shadow: "Looks like you're going to have to work a bit harder!"
Black Shadow: "Zoda will live!"
Black Shadow: "Until you two meet again..."
Black Shadow: "I'll watch him... and challenge you!"
Black Shadow: "Ahh ha ha ha!!!"
Rick Wheeler: "Shoot! That was Black Shadow!!"
Rick Wheeler: "That evil emperor snagged Zoda!"
Jack Levin: "Whattaya know! I'm confident again!"
Jack Levin: "I can take Zoda and Black Shadow!"
Jack Levin: "I feel like I can take on anybody!!!"
Rick Wheeler: "Umm, Jack... Don't overdo it..."

The will to compete has returned to Jack Levin's heart!

Mission info

  • Objective: Win the race!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000