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Rick Wheeler #5

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Rick Wheeler #5 is Rick Wheeler's fifth mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission can only be accessed if the player clears Rick Wheeler #4 with at least $1,000,000,000 in their winnings. The mission takes place in Big Blue and runs concurrently with Jack Levin #5 and Zoda #5.


Rick Wheeler arrives at Big Blue, ready to race. At the starting line, he banters with Zoda, who tells Rick he should worry about himself. Jack Levin, who is also racing, comes to tell Rick that he noticed someone had messed with the brakes on the Dragon Bird, preventing Rick from braking. Rick takes on the race regardless in order to bring Zoda into custody.

After the race, Rick approaches Zoda, only to find Black Shadow holding him nearly-dead from Zoda's vehicle exploding. Black Shadow and Zoda make their leave, Black Shadow looking forward to challenging Rick. Some time later, Rick is pursuing Octoman once more, revisiting the scene from Rick's first mission.


Course map

The mission takes place on Big Blue: Slip Highway. Rick must win the five lap race of twenty-two participants, Rick starting in fourth. However, the brakes have been disabled, meaning the player needs to take extra care around sharp turns. The mission can be completed one of two ways: either Rick wins or Jack wins and Rick finishes second. Jack is usually in first place, with Zoda being in second. Both opponents are fast, so the player needs to be skillful of their Boost power to gain the lead or to help Jack win. If neither Rick nor Jack finish first, the mission is lost.



Announcer: "Grand Prix time!"
Announcer: "Rookie Rick Wheeler..."
Announcer: "...was stellar in the last race!"
Announcer: "Can he keep it up?"
Rick Wheeler: "Zoda... At last, you're mine!"
Rick Wheeler: "I'm gonna win this race and put you away!"
Zoda: "Ha ha haaah..."
Zoda: "You worry about me too much."
Zoda: "You should worry about yourself!"
Zoda: "Once this race begins, you'll know what I mean!"
Jack Levin: "Rick! Oh, no!!!"
Jack Levin: "Your Dragon Bird! Someone..."
Jack Levin: "Someone's meddled with the brakes on your Dragon Bird!"
Rick Wheeler: "What?!? Zoda!!! It must have been him!"
Jack Levin: "No time to fix it! It's race time!"
Jack Levin: "Rick! Do it! Race without brakes!"
Jack Levin: "The Dragon Bird can beat Zoda even without breaks!"
Announcer: "Well, well..."
Announcer: "All machines are ready to go!"


Rick Wheeler: "I did it! I won! Finally! Zoda..."
Rick Wheeler: "Huh? ...What?"
Black Shadow: "Here's your Zoda. He's near death."
Black Shadow: "Looks like you're going to have to work a bit harder!"
Black Shadow: "Zoda will live! Until you two meet again..."
Black Shadow: "I'll watch him... and challenge you!"
Black Shadow: "Ahh ha ha ha!!!"
Rick Wheeler: "Octoman!!! You won't escape me again!"
Rick Wheeler: "887 crimes... You're almost at triple eights!"
Rick Wheeler: "Zoda, you fiend! Next time!!!"

Rick's fight moves to the next stage...

Mission info

  • Objective: Beat Zoda or help Jack win!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000 ($460,000,000 if Jack wins)