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Zoda #3

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Zoda #3 is Zoda's third mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Mute City and runs concurrently with Lisa Brilliant #4.


Lisa Brilliant travels to Mute City for answers and ends up getting spotted by Zoda. Lisa initially brushes him off, but Zoda claims to have her memory, which Lisa does not fall for. After being told she is the wife of Samurai Goroh, she disbelieves Zoda, but accepts his challenge out of desperation.

After defeating Lisa, he tries to claim her as his servant, which Lisa declines. While Zoda is taunting Lisa, he is transported to Fire Field by Black Shadow.


Course Map

The mission takes place on Mute City: Expansion Park. It is a standard five-lap race, with Lisa Brilliant and Zoda being the only participants. The mission's objective is to simply beat Lisa to the finish line. Lisa will remain close to Zoda for the first lap, but frequent Boosts will make her fall behind quickly.



Zoda: "Hah ha ha haah… I found her!"
Zoda: "You're Lisa, right? Lisa Brilliant? ...Right?"
Lisa Brilliant: "And who are you?"
Lisa Brilliant: "Strange faces I don't know keep calling my name…"
Lisa Brilliant: "Friend or foe, you look a bit shady to me…"
Lisa Brilliant: "I've no business with you…"
Zoda: "Now, now, what kind of attitude is that?"
Zoda: "It's this shady fellow that holds your memory…"
Lisa Brilliant: "You can give me my memory back?"
Lisa Brilliant: "How many times do you think that line will fool me?"
Lisa Brilliant: "I'm already tired of that garbage…"
Zoda: "Hah ha ha haah… Oh yes, oh yes…"
Zoda: "Lisa Brilliant… You're the wife of the pirate Samurai Goroh! How's that?"
Lisa Brilliant: "I'm...what?!? I'm married to Samurai Goroh?"
Lisa Brilliant: "As if I'd believe a lie like that!"
Zoda: "Hah ha ha! You're intrigued, though!"
Zoda: "Compete against me! Win and I'll give you your memory!"
Zoda: "But if you lose, you'll become my servant!!!"
Zoda: "Hah ha ha haah!"
Lisa Brilliant: "OK, fine! I'm desperate!"
Lisa Brilliant: "...And I know I can take you!"


Zoda: "A most impressive win by none other than me!"
Zoda: "So, Lisa Brilliant! Now you are my servant! How nice!"
Lisa Brilliant: "Not a chance, creep!"
Lisa Brilliant: "Dying right here on this spot would be better than being your servant!"
Zoda: "Hey, now! Try to calm yourself!"
Zoda: "Why, you actually believed I was serious? Really?"
Zoda: "That's hilarious! Aaah ha haaah!"
Black Shadow: "Shut up, fool!"
Zoda: "AAAAHHHH!!!"
Zoda: "Cur… Curses!"
Zoda: "Black Shadow! You made me look quite the fool!"

Mission info

  • Objective: Beat Lisa!
  • Bounty: $500,000,000