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Captain Falcon #1

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Captain Falcon #1 is Captain Falcon's first mission of the story in F-Zero: GP Legend. The mission takes place in Mute City.


Captain Falcon is talking to an unknown character, telling him that he will take on a job escorting Dr. Clash. Captain Falcon finds Dr. Clash's machine and has to speed ahead of him to stop him.

Once Captain Falcon reaches Dr. Clash, he warns Dr. Clash to stay in his vehicle. Zoda comes up and kidnaps Dr. Clash, which prompts Captain Falcon to go after them.


Map of the course

This mission takes place on the streets of Mute City. Dr. Clash is found speeding through the roads ahead of Captain Falcon, the goal being to beat Dr. Clash to the finish line. The course has several sharp turns with a two Dash Zones between them. The player starts with a full Boost, allowing them to easily catch up to Dr. Clash early in the mission.



Captain Falcon: "OK. I'll take the job..."
???: "I'm counting on you, Falcon!"
Captain Falcon: "I suppose I can help this time."
Captain Falcon: "You and I go back."

Captain Falcon has been hired to escort Dr. Clash of the Galaxy Mobile Platoon.

Captain Falcon: "It's time to go."
Captain Falcon: "I suppose that's Clash's machine."
Captain Falcon: "Let's do it."


Clash: "Looks like you've been following me. What do you want?"
Clash: "Hey! You're the famous Captain Falcon, right?"
Captain Falcon: "Stop! Don't leave that machine!"
Clash: "Whoa! Who are you?"
Clash: "Hey! What are you doing! Hands off!"
Zoda: "Hah ha ha... You'll be coming with me!"
Captain Falcon: "Shoot!"
Captain Falcon: "That must've been..."
Captain Falcon: "...the high-bounty fugitive, Zoda!"
Captain Falcon: "What's he doing? I must find out!"

Mission info

  • Objective: Overtake Clash before the goal!
  • Bounty: $100,000,000