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Dangerous Diva

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Songstress Kate Alen.png
Episode information
Episode number 6J/13U
Japanese title ???
Japanese romanization Songstress Kate Alen
English translation Dangerous Diva
Japanese air date 11 November, 2003
American air date 11 December, 2004
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Dangerous Diva, known as Songstress Kate Alen in Japan, is the thirteenth episode of the anime F-Zero: GP Legend, sixth in Japan.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

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Superstar diva Kate Alen casually drives along in her F-Zero machine, the Super Piranha. When she gets out, a bright light appears in front of her. Jody Summer introduces herself as a member of the Galaxy Police. Jody states that Kate's manager Mr. Gordon sent the police to protect her from Zoda, who threatened her to enter the next race and win prize money for him. Kate says she never would have done it, because she takes orders from no one. Jody says she has people to protect her, but Kate says she doesn't want protection, and she sees Jody quickly drive off.

The next day, Rick and Mr. EAD are in the studio where preparations are being made for Kate Alen's next performance. They ask a grey and bulky pig-like alien if he is Mr. Gordon, Kate's manager. A voice appears from under the pig alien, and Rick sees Mr. Grodon is a small rodent-like alien who is apparently old friends of John Tanaka. In Kate's Dressing room, she asks the squad what department of police they work for. They say it is a secret, leading Kate to secretly distrust them. She pretends to nlow it off, a relief to Mr. Gordon. During the concert, EAD is mesmerized by the song Kate's singing. Rick feels the song is missing something. Ater the concert, Kate sneaks out to drive by the sea for the scenery, but Rick and EAD try to stop her. Jody tells Rick and EAD to let her drive. A suspicious Kate asks Jody what department they are from, but Jody tells her that's not her concern. Kate drives to the sea with the platoon as her bodyguards. EAD questions Jody on why she let her go out. Jody tells EAD to just do as he says, and EAD quietly figures out the reason for it.

As Kate opens her cockpit to look at the full moon, EAD stays close to her. Octoman and Bio Rex appear in quadruped best like machines and begin firing at her. EAD gets behind Kate to defend her as the platoon chases them off. Back at Kate's getaway home, EAD says he will do anything to protect Kate. Kate thanks EAD and kisses him on the cheek, making him blush. When EAD goes outside to patrol around Kate's house, someone electrocutes him from behind. Rick and Mr. Gordon hear Kate scream. They run in to see a near-faint Kate and an open window. Rick goes outside to see an electrocuted EAD. The next day, EAD is in a medical room at the platoon station. Dr. Clash reveals that EAD was dismantled and put back together, and that EAD's core memory was stolen. Jody pieces together who did it. Rick later goes into Kate's room and sees Kate holding the core memory behind her via the mirror. Kate gives it back while asking Rick why he cares about a robot like EAD. Kate then cancels her concert for the night and tells the platoon that she doesn't want them near her. She not only knows the platoon's big secret about participating in the F-Zero races, but that the platoon is only using her to get close to Zoda. After she storms off, Mr. Gordon reveals that she has been cheated by people throughout her career, and that she grew to hate people. An alien comes in and says Kate sped off in her Super Piranha.

While the platoon is out looking for her, Kate ends up running into Zoda who tells her to come with him. Kate challenges him to a race instead, but her machine gets beat down by Zoda's henchmen. Zoda asks her one more time to join him, but she refuses again. Zoda then pulls a knife on her and gets close to stabbing her, but Mr. EAD grabbed her before Zoda could do anything. Rick and Jody surround Zoda, but with his heightened agility he jumped into the cockpit of his Death Anchor and drove away. As Rick and Jody drive off, Kate is somewhat glad to see EAD, who topples over to reveal that Zoda damaged EAD's back with his knife. Meanwhile, Rick and Jody try to catch the far ahead Zoda but get blocked by Octoman and Bio Rex. Zoda drives back to Kate and EAD. As Zoda is about to ram Kate, EAD gets up and grabs Zoda's machine, while the frontal point of the Death Anchor runs into EAD's torso and put cracks all over him. Kate watches in horror as EAD uses all the energy he has to throw Zoda's machine to the side of the road before he explodes. Zoda drives off as Rick and Jody come back. Kate walks over to where EAD last stood before he blew to smitherines, and finds the core memory, which completely falls apart as she tries to grab it. Kate feels automatic depression because she was so cruel to EAD.

Later, Dr. Clash puts EAD back together and reactivates him. Unfortunately, EAD doesn't entirely remember everything. At Kate's next concert, Kate decides to make a special dedication to EAD by singing EAD's favorite song. Rick, Jack and EAD watch the concert on TV, and Rick finally knew what he thought the song was missing before: feeling. Rick then tells EAD that it was because of him that superstar diva Kate Alen has found the joy in singing again, though EAD doesn't remember what he did with Kate.