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Burn Out on Planet Clifoto

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The Racer's Edge F-Zero: GP Legend The Samurai's Secret
Burn Out on Planet Clifoto.png
Episode information
Episode number 3
Japanese title ???
Japanese romanization Apprentice Trooper Lucy
English translation Burn Out on Planet Clifoto
Japanese air date 21 October 2003
American air date 2 October, 2004
Animation Shinji Kaneshiro
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Burn Out on Planet Clifoto, known as Team Member Lucy or Apprentice Trooper Lucy in Japan, is the third episode of the anime F-Zero: GP Legend.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

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The episode begins with Lucy Liberty preparing for the next F-Zero race by taking a test run on a course located on a hot planet with a burning red sun. This planet is never named, but is most likely Fire Field (Whilst the dubs title names the planet 'Clifoto', the planet is still never technically named). When Lucy is done with her test run, she gives the mobile platoon vital information regarding the race, impressing the crew. Jody Summer then introduces the group to Lucy and makes her Dr. Clash's assistant, although Clash isn't ready to take on an assistant. Later, Rick Wheeler is doing a test lap while Jack Levin, Clash, Mr. EAD and Lucy watch. After Lucy once again impresses the group with her mechanical knowledge without trying (and Jack trying to flirt with her), EAD sees a machine right behind Rick. The machine is the Iron Tiger, piloted by Baba, who apparently was hired by Zoda to eliminate Rick in the next race.

After Rick is done with his test run, he goes to the garage to take a rest while Clash works on the Dragon Bird. Lucy gives Rick a cold towel to cool himself off with. Jack then appears stating that the race is easy and that Rick can't race it if he can't handle the practice laps. Clash then tells Rick that the Dragon Bird is ready for the course, but Rick is still weary from the last test run. Lucy decides to test the Dragon Bird in his stead, ignoring all warnings from Rick that she's not able to pilot it. Lucy is quickly overwhelmed by the difference of power from her machine, the Elegance Liberty. Meanwhile, Jody and Dr. Stewart are in a meeting, and see the Dragon Bird swerving to and fro not knowing Lucy's in there instead of Rick. Baba sees the Dragon Bird and is prepared to handle Rick, but sees Lucy instead. When Lucy intentionally gets ahead of Baba, Baba takes that as a challenge and tries to run Lucy into the guardrail. Rick takes the Astro Robin to try and stop Lucy. Lucy boosts to get away from Baba, but ends up going too fast and goes flying off course and almost over a cliff. Rick then finds Lucy unconscious in the Dragon Bird.

Later on, Lucy finds herself in the medical room as Jody and Dr. Stewart come in. Jody slaps Rick and blames him for the crash now that he doesn't have a vehicle for the race. Lucy tries to explain it was her fault, but Jody tells her to stay out of it. Dr. Stewart tells Rick that Zoda will be in the race, and Jody tells Rick that he blew his chance to defeat him. Rick runs out screaming for Zoda to come out, hoping to brawl with him, but Jack stops Rick and tells him not to get himself killed. That same night, Rick and Lucy don't appear for dinner. The Platoon concludes that Lucy is in the garage trying to fix the Dragon Bird. Lucy still feels horrible for what she did, but Dr. Clash gladly tells Lucy they will get the Dragon Bird fixed if they work together. Happily, Lucy reaches for a drill to give to Clash, but Rick gets to it first and offers to help. The rest of the Mobile Platoon come in and they offer to help as well. With this, Clash states that the Dragon Bird will definitely be fixed in time for the race. Meanwhile in another garage, Baba informs Zoda that a woman was piloting the Dragon Bird but Zoda disregards it and tells Baba that Captain Falcon will also be in the race, and that Baba must eliminate all of them. Just then, Zoda notices a problem with Baba's machine. Baba says he meant to get that fixed, but spare parts are hard to find. Zoda then shoots one of his own robots and tells Baba that he has a lot of parts to work with now.

As the Platoon finishes the Dragon Bird, they congratulate Lucy for all her hard work. Lucy wishes Rick the best of luck in the race. In the race, Rick seems to be going slower than usual. Jody also notices this, and Clash and Lucy tell her to wait and watch. Zoda meanwhile destroys Jack's machine leaving it up to Rick. It is then Rick realizes why he's not going as fast. Lucy explains that she found the Dragon Bird to be hard to control in extreme heat, and that she adjusted the Dragon Bird to have a little less power, but more stability. Rick then gets ahead of Zoda and swerves the back of his machine sending Zoda's Death Anchor onto a dash pad speeding him off the course and crashing on a nearby cliff. Rick then drives himself onto the cliff to face Zoda. After Dr. Stewart makes a split second victory against Baba, Rick runs to the wall of flames surrounding the Death Anchor. When Zoda appears from the flames, Rick delivers several punches to Zoda and only hits him three times. Zoda claims he will destroy Rick in the next race before completely disappearing. Back at Mute City, Jody gives Lucy an official Mobile Platoon badge, but not before explaining to her that she must have the will to work hard in the Platoon. Lucy gladly accepts the responsibility and the badge, and the whole Platoon gladly salutes her.





  • Falcon Classroom Topic: F-Zero Machines
  • Though Captain Falcon was said to be in the race, he is never seen in this episode.
  • Once again, Jody slapping Rick is cut from the dub