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A Risky Rendezvous

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The Brilliant Trap.png
Episode information
Episode number 5
Japanese title ???
Japanese romanization The Brilliant Trap
English translation A Risky Rendezvous
Japanese air date 4 November, 2003
American air date 16 October, 2004
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A Risky Rendezvous, known as The Brilliant Trap in Japan, is the fifth episode of the anime F-Zero: GP Legend.

Plot Synopsis[edit]

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The episode begins with an official F-Zero race with Jack Levin in the lead. A mysterious woman with green hair is watching the race and keeping an eye on Jack. While Jack brags to himself, Rick and Lucy are at Mute City watching the race on TV. Rick's arm is broken, thus disabling him from being in the race. Rick then remembers how he got the injury by fighting a street gang who wanted to steal his Dragon Bird machine. When the flashback ends, Rick and Lucy cheer on Jack. In the race, Zoda's henchmen, Octoman and Bio Rex, try to keep Jack from winning, but Dr. Clash and Mr. EAD side attack the two, leaving Jack to win the race. The victory was impressive to the green haired woman.

Back in the garage, Jack praised front of the squad, completely forgetting that his team helped. As his pride drives the group away, Jack drives to a Dance Club where he meets the green-haired woman, who introduces herself as Lisa as sparks fly between the two. Later, the two are playing a game of pool and Jack shows Lisa his Maglet, used to start the Astro Robin. Lisa shoots a ball into Jack's head which knocks him out, and then she steals the Maglet and the Astro Robin. Lisa can't control the machine which was set on autopilot. The Astro Robin takes Lisa to the Galaxy Police station, worrying her. As she wanders around the darkened station, she sees the machines that were in the race, and she finds out she can go through certain locked doors with the Maglet. She ends up in a secret trophy hold and realizes that some of the members of the Galaxy Police are F-Zero racers, a secret they don't want out. Lisa also finds F-Zero prize money, which she steals, but ends up getting caught by Clash. Lisa knocks him out and destroy all of the machines with her machine gun, and drives off with the money.

The next morning, the squad and John Tanaka see the mess. As John Tanaka is worried about his job, Jody reassures Tanaka that she will find the culprit. Later, Jody fires Jack for his big mistake which let out the secret of the Galaxy Police. Jack leaves in his vanity. Rick, with his arm mostly healed, tries to convince Jack to stay, but Jack doesn't want sympathy. While driving around, Rick realizes that Jack was at the Dance Club the night of the break in, so Rick drives to the club. Jack is already there asking for Lisa. The same gang that broke Rick's arm asks what he wants with Lisa, which means that gang works for Lisa. When Rick comes in, he and Jack corner the gang, but they fill the club with smoke and escape. Rick reports this to Jody as he sees the Astro Robin on screen, with it's new disturbing pink and flowered body paint. Jody tells the group that the Astro Robin will be at the "High Jump" race, a race with more prize money than usual. Since The Dragon Bird and the Golden Fox are the only two vehicle strong enough for the race, Jody tells Rick and Dr. Stewart to do whatever it takes to get the Astro Robin back, even if they have to destroy it. As this shocks Rick, he feels guilty that he was in similar situation but he didn't get fired. Dr. Stewart comforts Rick, but then remembers that Rick still hasn't fully healed. Dr. Stewart has an idea, though. Rick later finds Jack, who is surprisingly pitying himself. Rick tells Jack about a second seat that Dr. Clash put in the Dragon Bird for Jack to sit in and help Rick pilot. Jack gladly decides to help.

At the High Jump race, Rick, Jack, and Dr. Stewart trap Lisa and Jack yells at her. Lisa retaliates by pointing out how easily Jack was tricked. Before they can arrest her, Samurai Goroh arrives with his Fire Stingray and Lisa jumps into the cockpit. Jack reveals that Lisa Brilliant is Samurai Goroh's wife as Jody watches the whole thing on screen, doubting her past decision to fire Jack. At the police station, Jack says good-bye to his machine, but Jody intervenes and hires him back. Jack wants to celebrate by partying, and Rick and Lucy gleefully push Jack from behind for once again being stuck up.