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Pits, also known as Pit Zones, Pit Runs, or Pit Areas, are a recurring track feature in the F-Zero series. Upon being run over, they heal a machine's energy. The longer a pilot drives through one of these patches, the more energy they replenish.

In F-Zero and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, it is optional but recommended to replenish energy. In F-Zero X, F-Zero GX, F-Zero: GP Legend, and F-Zero Climax, it is essential to replenish energy for boosting more than just a handful of times.

In F-Zero[edit]

FZ Pit.png

If a machine is intersecting a pit in Death Wind, the wind has no effect on it. The Official Recorder distributes energy back to the pilot.

In F-Zero X[edit]

FZX Pit.png

In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity[edit]

FZMV Pit.png

In F-Zero GX[edit]

FZGX Pit.png

In F-Zero: GP Legend[edit]

FZGPL Pit.png

In F-Zero Climax[edit]

FZC Pit.png
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