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GX Draq.png
Machine name Mighty Typhoon
Age 137
Gender Male
First game F-Zero X (1998)
Appearance(s) F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
F-Zero: GP Legend
F-Zero Climax
Voice actor F-Zero GX - Walter Roberts
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A long-time fan of the F-Zero races, Bellonngian Draquillie used to work on a transportation ship with Roger Buster. For years he had idolized such racers as Silver Neelsen and The Skull, despite himself being older than Neelson himself. Fortune smiled on him when he and Buster received a delivery of two F-Zero machines with an unknown recipient and no return address. Not wanting to put an opportunity to waste, Draq convinced Buster that they should both enter with the machines so that the rightful owners would step up.

Roughly one year ago, Draq and Roger came across two F-ZERO machines tagged with an unknown recipient and no return address. Draq quickly convinced Roger to let them enter the machines in the last Grand Prix, telling him that they would surely be recognized and the rightful owners would come forward to claim them. No one claimed the machines, however, and the two partners have decided to try again. Draq hopes to win a Grand Prix himself before the owners come to claim the machines, then he could use the prize money to buy a craft of his own. His full name is Bellonngian Draquillie. He practices his racing skill by playing the video game.

In his time as a pilot, he's tried to get to know the other pilots, including his long time idols. Despite now being a racer, he's still a huge fan of F-Zero racing.


Racer #26
John Tanaka
Racer #27
Racer #28
Roger Buster
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