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GX Leon.png
Machine name Space Angler
Age 16
Gender Male
First game F-Zero X (1998)
Appearance(s) F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
F-Zero: GP Legend
F-Zero Climax
Voice actor F-Zero GX - Jeff Gedert
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Leon is an F-Zero racer debuting in F-Zero X. Twelve years ago, his parents were killed in a big war on the planet Zou. His species had natural advantages over humans, such as sharper reflexes and natural instincts. He met Super Arrow and Mrs. Arrow when the couple were vacationing on his planet. They decided to give him a chance in racing the King Meteor.

Given his skill, it was decided he would be sent to the F-Zero Grand Prix to be a symbol of hope for his ailing, war torn planet. Although he wasn't considered especially bright, he proved to be a natural at the F-Zero races, despite his young age, and though he was teased at first by other pilots, his continued performance has given him a good track record. It's his hope to become champion so he can use the money to save the children of Zou from poverty.

He lacks the intelligence of humans, but makes up for it in reflexes and cornering ability.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX

GX Leon.png Leon
No. Age Sex Machine Cost
19 16 Male GX-Logo-SpaceAngler.png 7
In game description
Leon is from the war-torn planet of Zou, where he lost both of his parents during the big war 12 years ago. As the planet suffered through the aftereffects of the war, it was decided that one F-ZERO machine should be sent to the Grand Prix with Leon as its pilot. A symbol of hope for the ailing planet. Leon has a great track record in the F-ZERO races as a result of his well-balanced abilities, and he desperately wishes to become champion in order to save the children of Zou from poverty.

Instruction manual description
Leon is from the war torn planet of Zou, where he lost both his parents during the big war 12 years back. Suffering the continual effects of the war, the people of Zou decided to send one F-ZERO machine with Leon as its pilot to represent the planet as a symbol of hope.

Default Green Red Orange
GX Leon Default.png GX Leon Green.png GX Leon Red.png GX Leon Orange.png

F-Zero GP Legend

Leon is featured in the episode "Beastman the Hunter". Leon is given a complete backstory overhaul. Instead of being an alien, he is a human cursed with lycanthropy and is being hunted down by Beastman. While incognito as a human, he develops brief romantic relationship with Lucy Liberty.



  • He coaches a soccer-team for children in his spare time. He is a wrestler as well.
  • Leon also bears a passing resemblance to Wolf O'Donnell of the Star Fox series. Interestingly, James McCloud, an obvious reference to a character in the Star Fox series, is in the F-Zero series as well, even resembling the appearance of said character. Leon also shares his name with Leon Powalski, a teammate of Wolf O'Donnell's.

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Racer #19
Racer #20
Super Arrow
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