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Stark Farm

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Stark Farm
FZMV Stark Farm First Circuit.png
FZMV Stark Farm Second Circuit.png
FZMV Rough.png
Racing on the circuits.
First game F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity First Circuit, Second Circuit, Third Circuit
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Stark Farm (スターク つアーし; Stark Farm) is a circuit located on a barren, deserted farm. It was once a lush, prosperous farm and a large area for food storage, but it began to wither for unknown reasons. Scientists began to investigate the strange occurrence and discovered that the cultivated soil was filled with harmful substances. While trying to recover all losses of food, an F-Zero track was constructed there, putting it back into the spotlight.[1]


First Circuit[edit]

FZMV Pawn 2.png

Second Circuit[edit]

FZMV Pawn 4.png

Third Circuit[edit]

FZMV Knight 5.png