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Groovy Taxi

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Groovy Taxi
Groovy Taxi.png
Pilot PJ
Number 38
Creator PJ
Engine CY94-H2x2+NG-C32x2
Weight 1280kg
Body B
Boost D
Grip B
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The Groovy Taxi is PJ's racing machine in F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX. It is a modified interplanetary taxi, capable of seating four, and has a meter like other taxis that calculate the fare after a race has ended. Its body and grip are above-average, but because reckless driving isn't tolerated in the taxi industry, its boost is below-average.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX / AX

In F-Zero AX, PJ and the Groovy Taxi are available from the start. In F-Zero GX, they become available for purchase after the player has cleared chapter 9 in Story mode on Very Hard difficulty. The Groovy Taxi is available to use in four colors: Yellow (default), red, green, and blue.

Groovy Taxi.png Groovy Taxi
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
PJ CY94-H2x2+NG-C32x2 1280kg
The machine was renovated from an ordinary interplanetary taxi. Even though the cockpit seats four, this machine's grip rating is high, making it very easy to control. However, reckless driving isn't tolerated in the taxi industry, and so naturally the Groovy Taxi lacks superior boost capability. The machine has a meter in it like any other taxi, and calculates the fare for each race when finished.