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Mr. Zero

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A drawing of Mr. Zero from the F-Zero instruction manual.

Mr. Zero is the official announcer of all F-Zero events. He says the starting countdown in F-Zero X and GX/AX. He first appeared in the Super Nintendo's F-Zero comic. Mr. Zero is a cyborg - half-human and half-robot.

In F-Zero GX, one can interview a driver as Mr. Zero, called F-Zero TV. Mr. Zero can select a question such as the pilot's motivation for racing in F-Zero. He can interview any driver and shivers while interviewing evil drivers, such as Black Shadow.

In the original F-Zero and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, Mr. Zero's voice is replaced by three electronic beeps.


FZGX Mr Zero.png
  • In F-Zero GX his suit changes color depending on the difficulty the player finishes the Grand Prix.

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