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FZ Mine.png
First game F-Zero (1990)
F-Zero Silence, Silence II
F-Zero X High Speed, Wavy Road, アウトサイドループ
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity Open Circuit
F-Zero: GP Legend Box Rink, Honeycomb Rink, Box Rink II, Honeycomb Rink II, Silence
F-Zero Climax Nightmare, Nightmare One, Nightmare II
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Silence is a planet in the F-Zero series, first appearing in the original F-Zero. It is aptly named, due to the fact that nothing on the planet creates any noise. Absolutely no life can be found on this planet. According to the game F-Zero: GP Legend, no living creature calls this place home.

Appearance in the games


Silence appeared in F-Zero as the fifth and final course of the Knight Cup. It is a medium-sized track with a lot of sharp corners, a jump pad and a shortcut filled with mines.


BS F-Zero

In BS F-Zero Grand Prix and BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2, features Silence II.


F-Zero X

High Speed
Wavy Road

F-Zero: Maximum Velocity

Open Circuit

FZMV Silence Open Circuit.png

This track is only accessible in a single pak link.

F-Zero GP Legend

F-Zero Climax

Platinum Cup