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F-Zero X Expansion Kit

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F-Zero X Expansion Kit
Developer(s) Nintendo EAD
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Director(s) Tadashi Sugiyama
Yasuyuki Oyagi
Producer(s) Shigeru Miyamoto
Hiroshi Yamauchi
Platform Nintendo 64DD
Genre Racing
Modes Single player, multiplayer
Release date(s)
Japan April 21, 2000
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F-Zero X Expansion Kit (エフゼロ エックス エクスパンシヨン キット Efuzero ekkusu ekusupanshiyon kitto?, F-ZERO X EXPANSION KIT) was the first add-on disk for the Nintendo 64DD, released in Japan on April 21, 2000. The kit will only operate in conjunction with the cartridge of the original game, however all of F-Zero X's regular features are accessible plus twelve new tracks, a car editor and a track creator. Since the Expansion Kit has a larger amount of storage than the original cartridge, it includes new soundtracks in stereophonic sound as well as the entire collection of monaural audio tracks from the original game. In addition to the two new cups, it is also possible to create custom cups. The disk can save up to a hundred tracks and up to three ghost racers per course. IGN singled out the track creator as the Expansion Kit's strongest feature since it is virtually the same tool the designers of F-Zero X used for themselves to create the original circuits.

The Car Editor offers a variety of options when creating a vehicle. Using a set of pre-existing parts, the player must balance their creations' settings and performance abilities before the machine is finished and named. The Track Editor is a detailed track creator that allows the player to design their own racing circuits. Using a cursor, the player can determine the basic layout of the track and also add points to it to create track elements such as curves and hills. Furthermore, numerous different properties like half pipes and cylinders, as well as numerous road surfaces, such as slip zones, can be added. The player also can test their creation at any time and run practice laps.

While these features never surfaced in the United States, many of the features were included in F-Zero GX, in the Garage mode.



The F-Zero X Expansion Kit introduces 10 new tracks. They can be accessed the same way as the standard five cup selection.

In addition, when played with the F-Zero X Expansion Kit, the background music of Rainbow Road will change to an alternative rock remaster of the same music track heard in this track in Mario Kart 64. In addition, Red Canyon's music is slightly altered.

Grand Prix FZX DD-1 Cup.png FZX DD-2 Cup.png FZX Edit Cup.png
1 Silence 3
Mute City 4
2 Sand Ocean 3
Space Plant 2
3 Devil's Forest 4
Port Town 4
4 Port Town 3
Fire Field 2
5 Devil's Forest 5
White Land 3
6 Big Blue 3
Big Foot

*These tracks will change depending what the player created and placed in the cup from within Course Edit.

Course Edit

Course Edit

Create Machine

Create Machine

Replacement Machines

Super Falcon Super Stingray Super Cat


Special ending Master Class with Mr. EAD dancing


Cut Content

Main article: F-Zero X Expansion Kit on The Cutting Room Floor


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