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Black Shadow

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Black Shadow
GX Black Shadow.png
"Falcon, you've come to die? I needn't have wasted time looking for you then!"
Machine name Black Bull
Gender Male
First game F-Zero X (1998)
Appearance(s) F-Zero X
F-Zero GX
F-Zero: GP Legend
F-Zero Climax
Voice actor F-Zero GX - Jack Merluzzi
F-Zero: GP Legend
Japanese voice actor Norio Wakamoto (2003-2004)[1]
English voice actor Eric Stuart (2004-2005)[1]
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Black Shadow is a cold-blooded king of evil feared by all. He is wanted by the Galactic Federation, yet he often shows up at the Extraterritorial F-Zero circuits as if they are his own. However, Captain Falcon has seen much success capturing his foot soldiers, and Black Shadow wants nothing more than to see the end of this meddling bounty hunter, preferably in front of millions of fans. It's inevitable that in any race he enters, there will be some kind of huge accident.


Black Shadow has been shown to be extremely evil, cold, and cruel. Not taken in consideration the affects of his actions done to other people. When provoked he doesn't hesitate to fight back and punish those who cross him. He only values people if they can serve a useful purpose as he saves Miss Killer several times from certain death.

He deeply hates Captain Falcon as he has captured several of his minions and foiled several of his plans. Knowing that Falcon participates in the F-Zero Grand Prix, Black Shadow had his own machine built so he could enter and kill Falcon in front of millions of viewers. However, it is hinted he also just simply loves destroying other machines at will.

He has also been portrayed as psychotic but extremely cunning.

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

Black Shadow makes an appearance as a collectible trophy.

Trophy Information

Name Image Description Unlock Method
Black Shadow
When this guy sees other racers ahead, he doesn't think about overtaking them - he just wants to destroy them! In fact, his only goal in the F-Zero Grand Prix is to eliminate that pesky Captain Falcon once and for all. And once he's done with that, he plans to destroy the world. He should really talk to someone about these anger issues... Randomly Obtained.


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