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Twin Noritta

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Twin Noritta
Twin Noritta.png
The Twin Noritta, as seen in F-Zero GX
Pilot Gomar & Shioh
Number 22
Creator Onigiri Drive Yard Co.
Engine KOM-E246x2
Weight 780 kg
Body E
Boost A
Grip C
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The Twin Noritta is Gomar & Shioh's F-Zero Machine. It is unusual not only for having two cockpits, but also for being incredibly light in spite of this. The reason is due to the machine being made of a special metal unique to Gomar and Shioh's home world of Huckmine, called wakamili. This makes the vessel light, but also not as durable as other machines. As a result, their machine is best when it can stay ahead of other racers and avoid being pushed into walls, which is complemented by its stellar boost. It is the lightest F-Zero machine in the series.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX

The Twin Noritta is available to use in four colors: Blue (default), orange, green, and pink.

Twin Noritta.png Twin Noritta
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Onigiri Drive Yard Co. KOM-E246x2 780kg
While the Twin Noritta is built to accommodate two pilots, it's encased in wakamili, an extremely light special metal found on Huckmine. As a result, the craft is miraculously lightweight. However, for the same reason, the body structure is weak, making it ideal for a pilot who can travel at very high speeds without being pushed into the walls by other racers.


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