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Aeropolis01 l.jpg
MOTHER-Q above the chicane in Multiplex
First game F-Zero GX
F-Zero GX/AX Multiplex, Dragon Slope, Screw Drive
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"Sky-High City Created by a Super-Intelligent Computer Brain"
— F-Zero GX Official Website (UK)

Aeropolis is a massive city that is almost entirely composed of skyscrapers and is managed by a supercomputer. Courses built within make their only appearances in F-Zero GX and its arcade counterpart.


The entire region of Aeropolis is controlled by a super computer. The central control unit, called "Mother-Q," stores and computes detailed information on all Aeropolis citizens to create the ideal living environment. Because of dramatic population increases, Mother-Q has been forced to build towering skyscrapers to house the ever-increasing Aeropolis community.

— F-Zero GX Official Website (UK)

Aeropolis carries a strong utopian aesthetic with its highly greebled, though minimalistic, buildings amongst a bright sky, and is reflected in the way its courses are built. They are built to snake around the vast number of skyscrapers, and each feature a view of the Mother-Q supercomputer and another, taller machine called the "Neo Uranos" that appears to construct new skyscrapers. The courses, themselves, are tiled and feature sky blue side-rail beams; certain columns of the tiled course feature either an angular decorative pattern or are replaced entirely by window panes. Commuter vehicles can be seen traveling in well-defined lines above and below the racing areas, and occasionally even through tunnels alongside the courses.


In F-Zero GX
Multiplex Crs multiplex.jpg "A long course designed like one of the many lofty skyscrapers. The track is composed of a loop, a chicane, many straightaways, and a minefield in the second half of the course."[1]
Approximate Length: 16500 m Course Order: Ruby #5
Dragon Slope Crs dragonslope.jpg "180-degree folded hairpins and massive jumps make for a unique course. From the jumps, smaller pieces of track hang above the main course like stepping stones."[2]
Approximate Length: 18870 m Course Order: Diamond #4
Screw Drive Crs screwdrive.jpg "A medium-length course composed of gentle curves but is generally twisted. A hairpin curve near the end finishes off the course."[3]
Approximate Length: 7900 m Course Order: AX #1



  • The white sphere that makes up Mother-Q has "S.C.A.V.2" written on it, which may stand for "Super Computer Amusement Vision 2".
    • Additionally, one of the digital windows appearing from Mother-Q reads "Processing F-Zero File" with what appear to be loading bars underneath. In the Japanese version of F-Zero GX, it reads "超解析" (chokaiseki), which roughly translates to "Super-Analysis" in English.
  • The name "Uranos" that is written on the Neo Uranos machine is one of the ways to spell the primal Greek god of the sky; it is more commonly spelled as "Uranus". This helps solidify the idea that the machine builds skyscrapers for the expanding city.


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