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Blue Falcon

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Blue Falcon
Blue Falcon.png
Captain Falcon's vehicle, the Blue Falcon.
Pilot Captain Falcon, Rick Wheeler*
Number 07
Creator Unknown
Engine BF2003x4
Weight 1260kg, 1380kg*
Max power 3200 PS
Max speed 457 km/h
Body B
Boost C, B*
Grip B, C*
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The Blue Falcon is Captain Falcon's vehicle in the F-Zero series. It is one of the most well-rounded vehicles in the racing tour. The Blue Falcon's machine number was originally 111,[1] but in F-Zero X , the number had changed to 07. No explanation for this was ever given, although "111" is binary for 7. During an interview with Mr. Zero, the race announcer, in F-Zero GX Captain Falcon commented that if he wins the Grand Prix, he will use the prize money to build a new machine called the "Neo Blue Falcon".[2] Thanks to the efforts of its pilot, even a novice could perform well in this vehicle. With a well-defended body, average boost power and good grip, the Blue Falcon is well balanced and impeccably tuned. Captain Falcon knows every inch of his machine and can make it perform as though it has the best ratings.[3] Captain Falcon has another vehicle, called the Falcon Flyer. This is a speedy, mid-sized star cruiser boasting an on-board computer. The on-board computer means that the ship can be controlled remotely. The Falcon Flyer is mainly used to prowl the galaxy in search of criminals.[4] In the anime F-Zero: GP Legend, the Blue Falcon has only one thruster instead of four. In F-Zero: Maximum Velocity, a second version of the Blue Falcon, known as Falcon MK-2, can be unlocked. This vehicle is piloted by Kent Akechi, who claims to be the son of Captain Falcon.

The Blue Falcon also appears as an unlockable lightweight kart in Mario Kart Wii.

Other appearances

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Main article: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
The Blue Falcon appearing as Captain Falcon's Final Smash.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Blue Falcon appears as Captain Falcon's Final Smash, which can be executed once he has broken a Smash Ball. Upon activation, the Blue Falcon will fly by quickly in front of Captain Falcon. If any opponents are hit by the Blue Falcon, they are launched onto the Mute City race track. The Blue Falcon will race down the track at high speeds, and ram into the opponents, sending them flying. At high percentages, the attack is most likely a one-hit K.O.

Captain Falcon also arrives in the Blue Falcon in the beginning of a Brawl. It swerves round to the stage and Captain Falcon jumps out. Then, the canopy closes and it races off. This also happens in Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 64.

In Brawl, Captain Falcon's on-screen appearance in the Subspace Emissary also involves the Blue Falcon. After Captain Olimar and his Pikmin got terrified by a giant R.O.B., a red Pikmin points out the Blue Falcon, which opens its canopy and Captain Falcon jumps off (Or gets ejected) and Falcon Punches the R.O.B.. The Blue Falcon does not appear in any place after this.

Trophy Information

Name Image Description Unlock Method
Blue Falcon
Blue Falcon - Brawl Trophy.png
Captain Falcon's Final Smash. His beloved ship, the Blue Falcon, roars onto the screen once he touches a foe in front of him. The enemy gets sent to a racetrack, at which point the Blue Falcon screams down at a ridiculous speed and launches the unlucky victim. What track is it? Where did the machine come from? This is one technique that's an utter mystery. Clear All-Star Mode as Captain Falcon.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

In both versions of the game, the Blue Falcon appears as part of Captain Falcon's Final Smash once more. The Blue Falcon also appears in the 16-bit form at the Mute City stage for the 3DS version.

Trophy Information (3DS Version)

Name Image Description Unlock Method
Blue Falcon
NTSC-U: The trademark vehicle of famed bounty hunter Captain Falcon. Both of their names refer to the bird's ability to swoop in and capture its prey—a subtle nod to Captain Falcon's bounty-hunting exploits. The Blue Falcon itself is a well-rounded vehicle, allowing the pilot's talent to really show.

PAL: The trademark vehicle of famed bounty hunter Captain Falcon. The "Falcon" in both of their names refers to the bird's ability to swoop in and capture its prey at speed, which, of course, alludes to the Captain's bounty-hunting exploits. The Blue Falcon itself is a well-rounded vehicle, allowing the talents of its pilot to speak for themselves.
Randomly Obtained.

Trophy Information (Wii U version)

Name Image Description Unlock Method
Blue Falcon
Captain Falcon's Final Smash lets him pull opponents into the middle of an F-Zero race-where competitors have been known to break the speed of sound-and run them over with his racing machine, the Blue Falcon. If he manages to grab you, there's no escape. The impact launches its victims diagonally upward. Clear All-Star Mode as Captain Falcon.

Mario Kart Wii

Main article: Mario Kart Wii
Baby Mario in the Blue Falcon

The Blue Falcon appears as one of the Unlockable Karts, received when winning the Mirror Lightning Cup. It has the best speed out of the Small character class, average acceleration and drifting, but poor stats everywhere else. Each character's color scheme is unique, but only Baby Mario, Toad or the Male Mii will make the Blue Falcon identical to that of Captain Falcon's.


  • Speed: 60/80
  • Weight: 29/80
  • Acceleration: 35/80
  • Handling: 29/80
  • Drift: 43/80
  • Off-road: 24/80
  • Mini-turbo: 29/80

Mario Kart 8

Main article: Mario Kart 8

The Blue Falcon will feature as a playable vehicle in the first of two DLC packs forMario Kart 8, due to be released in November 2014.[5] The DLC pack will also add Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, and Link as playable characters, two new cups containing eight additional courses, and a further three new vehicles. One of the eight new courses will be an as-yet-unnamed F-Zero-themed track.[5]



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