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Super Falcon

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Super Falcon
Super Falcon.png
The Super Falcon as it appears normally.
Pilot Captain Falcon
Number 7
Weight 790 kg
Body A
Boost B
Grip A
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Super Falcon is a special machine available only in F-Zero X's Expansion Kit. Depicted as a gold Blue Falcon with an extra tail, the Super Falcon, like Super Stingray and Super Cat, is a vast improvement with body and grip stats being 'A'-ranked (the boost being ranked 'B'). In the original version, the Super Falcon's data was still left in the game data and could be accessed through a code, though it uses Blue Falcon's model and its textures randomly switch between those of the other racers. If a cheat device is used to play as the Super Falcon in the original version of the game, the game will freeze and crash at the end of any race.