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The Garage is a feature originally implemented in F-Zero X Expansion Kit, as Create Machine; it was later retooled for the Garage in F-Zero GX. In both games, it allows the player to design their own vehicles.

In F-Zero X

Create Machine as it appears in F-Zero X.

The Create Machine mode allowed players to design their own vehicles. Players could choose a variety of cockpits, wings, and bodies, 6 of each, in order to create their own machine, with each part increasing or decreasing the mass of the vehicle. Players could also customise their vehicle with a variety of pre-designed logos, racing stripes, or by colouring different parts of the machine.

While players could freely set the stats of their machine, body, boost, and grip, they were allotted 10 "points" to do so, with higher grades requiring more points; an E rank would cost only one point, whereas an A rank would cost 5 points.

In order to use the vehicle proper, player has to set to a specific pilot; doing so will replace the pilot's default vehicle with that of the custom machine in-game.

Custom machines can be saved for later use in the menu.

Super machines

A file built into F-Zero X, called "Super", allows the player to access three Super machines that feature stats the player cannot attain in regular gameplay. They replace the Blue Falcon, Fire Stingray, and White Cat with the Super Falcon, Super Stingray, and Super Cat, respectively.

In F-Zero GX

The Garage as it appears in F-Zero GX

Referred to as the Garage in this game, players can again create custom vehicles using a variety of parts (Body Parts, Cockpit Part, and Booster Parts) that can be purchased from the F-Zero Shop. Unlike the previous game, the player cannot name their vehicle, nor can they choose the stats of their machine; both of these are instead determined by what selection of parts are used to create the vehicle. The colours of each individual part, however, can still be customised, and up to four custom emblems made from the Emblem Editor can be added to the vehicle. Players can save up to four machines on a single memory card, collectively taking up 18 blocks; that said, garage data can be loaded from either Slot A or Slot B of the console.

As the garage data is loaded separately from the game's data, the player no longer has to "overwrite" a pilot's vehicle; rather, the player simply picks a pilot for their machine and can load it separately from their standard vehicle.

In F-Zero AX

As an arcade game, F-Zero AX does not have a dedicated Garage mode; however, if the player elects to use a custom machine in the game instead of the standard 14 racers, they are given access to a random AX machine made with random AX parts with a random pilot. After each race, the player can choose to switch components of their machine with credits saved to the player's licence card, as well as select another random pilot.

If a memory card with F-Zero GX's garage data is inserted into the machine before play, then the player can use their own garage data instead of a random custom machine. Furthermore, if the player uses a custom machine in F-Zero AX, all of its parts will be unlocked for use in F-Zero GX's garage.