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Mad Wolf

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Mad Wolf
Mad Wolf.png
Mad Wolf
Pilot Billy
Number 11
Creator Mad Baboon Research Facility
Engine CY95-F5x1
Weight 1490kg
Body B
Boost B
Grip C
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The Mad Wolf is Billy's racing machine since F-Zero X. Built in the same lab that raised Billy, it was designed specifically for Billy to operate. Since Billy has limited recognition for the written language, the machine instead emits various things to stimulate Billy's senses based on the Mad Wolf's surroundings, such as pictures, colors, sounds, and smells. The Mad Wolf has above-average body and boost with an average girp.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

F-Zero GX[edit]

The Mad Wolf is available to use in four colors: Yellow (default), pink, teal, and blue.

Mad Wolf.png Mad Wolf
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Mad Baboon Research Facility CY95-F5x1 1490kg
The concept for this project was to design a machine a monkey could operate. Because Billy has limited written-language recognition, the design lab implemented a navigation system that operates with the assistance of pictures, colors, sounds and smells. For instance, in track locations where it is suitable to accelerate quickly, the smell of bananas (Billy's absolute favorite thing) is emitted into the cockpit, thereby exciting him and making him press the accelerator.



  • The wings of the Mad Wolf are shaped like bananas.
  • AI Mad Wolf is the only machine that Spin Attacks after hitting a Jump Plate, in F-Zero X.