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Silver Rat

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Silver Rat
Silver Rat.png
Pilot Daigoroh
Number 35
Creator Toraemon Echigoya
Engine RM-0634x1
Weight 880kg
Body D
Boost A
Grip D
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The Silver Rat is Daigoroh's racing machine. Not wanting to pilot a similar machine to his father's ship, the Fire Stingray, Daigoroh modeled his own ship after the Green Panther, which is the ship of one of Goroh's enemies, Antonio Guster. Its boost is strong, but its body and grip are below-average.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX / AX

In F-Zero AX, Daigoroh and the Silver Rat are available from the start. In F-Zero GX, they become available for purchase after the player has cleared chapter 6 in Story mode on Very Hard difficulty. The Silver Rat is available to use in four colors: Orange (default), pink, green, and blue.

Silver Rat.png Silver Rat
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
Toraemon Echigoya RM-0634x1 880kg
Daigoroh didn't want to pilot a machine similar to the Fire Stingray driven by his father, Samurai Goroh, so he choose the Silver Rat. The craft is actually modeled after the Green Panther, the machine driven by one of Goroh's enemies, Antonio Guster. It has exceptional boost abilities, but its grip power suffers as a result. The Silver Rat is slightly smaller than the craft it was modeled after, which makes its body strength slightly less. It therefore requires increased pilot control to avoid contact with other machines during races.



  • The Silver Rat's stats may be a reference to Samurai Goroh, Daigoroh's father.