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Drift Turn

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Drift Turning is a special technique present in both F-Zero X and F-Zero GX. It consists in inducing what newer players may consider a control loss on the vehicle: a drift. This alters the vehicle speed and makes it turn at a different angle, letting the player to take on sharp curves without crashing. Drift Turning may be done on input, or automatically/accidentally by moving the Control Stick carelessly to it's fullest at high speeds. It's also to be noted that driving over some icy sections on the track will increase the likelyness of accidental drifting.

F-Zero X

A vehicle drifting will turn without the camera following the nose of the vehicle, while producing a sound similar to a real world vehicle drifting on dirt. To drift, the player can:

  • Press the Z Button while turning right
  • Press the R Button while turning left
  • Steering violently at high speeds.

Drifting in this game will reduce the vehicle speed drastically, to the point it becomes a never used technique in a race, if not done by accident. However, a vehicle set at Max Acceleration will actually gain speed, all of this while taking the advantage of a close turn. This is known by the name of Sliding and it's involved in advanced strategies for setting time records by expert players, although it's not a very useful technique in the GrandPrix.

F-Zero GX

A vehicle drifting will turn without the camera following the cockpit, while producing red sparks under the body, along a metallic saw-like sound. To drift, the player can:

  • Hold both L + R Buttons while tilting the Control Stick
  • Steer sharply on high speeds (specially with heavier vehicles)

Drift-turning is mentioned in the instructions booklet and compared in a graphic with the regular turn and Slide Turn. It states that turning like this increases vehicle speed, wich is an advantage for an Acceleration-oriented machine, wich is indeed true. This means that Sliding is still possible, however, it's no longer such useful gameplay element, falling against a new, more powerful technique. It's also worth to metion that the speed penalty for drifting on a non-acceleration vehicle is now more subtle.

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