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Death Wind

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Death Wind
FZ Dash Zone.png
First game F-Zero (1990)
Residents Pico[1]
F-Zero Death Wind I, Death Wind II
F-Zero X Corkscrew, Up and Down, Mirror Road, ダイビング, エックス (as Devil's Forest)
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Death Wind (erroneously called Death Window by Nintendo Power[2]) is a dangerous planet, torn by war and mutation. Pico is from this planet.

One side of the planet is gradually haunted by vicious wind storms, hence the name, while the rest of the side is named Devil's Forest.[citation needed] Scientists are trying to reproduce plants in Devil's Forest, also being known as Green Plant.[citation needed]

Appearance in the F-Zero games


Death Wind theme

In the original F-Zero, Death Wind I appears as the fourth track in the game as part of the Knight Cup. It is a simple rectangular course, with a strong gust blowing east relative to the on-screen map, affecting machines.

Death Wind II appears as the second course in the King Cup, being the twelfth track in total. It is a more complex course, but otherwise is somewhat the same as Death Wind I.

If a pilot is under the affects of the Dash Zones or is in the pits, the wind has no effect.


F-Zero X

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Up and Down

Death Wind does not appear in this game; however, the other side of the planet, Devil's Forest, has a few tracks featured in its stead. Unlike Death Wind, Devil's Forest does not feature environmental gimmicks, however its tracks have tricky layouts.

BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2

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5:05 Forest I
35:58 Forest II

Although unconfirmed, BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 has a venue called Forest that might be related to Devil's Forest. Forest I, Forest II, and Forest III are the tracks.


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