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Blood Hawk

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Blood Hawk
Blood Hawk.png
Blood Hawk
Pilot Blood Falcon
Number 25
Creator BS Group
Engine DS019Gx2 + BF2001x2
Weight 1170 kg
Body B
Boost A
Grip E
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The Blood Hawk (called the Hell Hawk in Japanese games) is Blood Falcon's racing machine in the F-Zero series since F-Zero X. Originally, the Blood Hawk was designed similarly to the Blue Falcon, but the boost was increased when the developers, the BS Group, realized they wouldn't defeat Captain Falcon with his own machine. The main engine was designed by the BS Group, but the secondary engine was looted from the Blue Falcon at the time of the accident four years ago. The Blood Hawk's boost is strong with an above-average body, but its grip is weak.

Profiles and statistics

F-Zero GX

The Blood Hawk is available to use in four colors: Red (default), purple, green, and blue.

Blood Hawk.png Blood Hawk
Body Boost Grip
Made by Engine Weight
BS Group DS019Gx2 + BF2001x2 1170 kg
At first, the Blood Hawk was to be designed with capabilities identical to those of the Blue Falcon. However, the designers knew they wouldn't be able to conquer their old rival Captain Falcon with an identical machine, so they increased the Blood Hawk's boost power. In doing so, they were forced to forego some grip power. The main engine was designed by the engineers in the secret lab of the BS Group, and the secondary engine is one they looted from the Blue Falcon at the time of the great accident four years ago.


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