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F-Zero Grand Prix

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FZeroGrandPrix copy.jpg

F-Zero Grand Prix is a special stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee that only appears in Adventure Mode and Event 33: Lethal Marathon. It is based on the Big Blue 1 track seen in F-Zero X.

In this stage the player has to reach the end while he avoids the F-Zero racers.

If the player is hit by a car once, they will receive 30-40% damage and will survive, but the second time will most likely KO them. The track is completed once the player crosses the checkered finish line.

F-Zero Grand Prix can be accessed with an Action Replay. Here, the game camera specifically follows whichever player is furthest on the track. If one player goes too far in one direction and the others can't catch up in time, they will self-destruct automatically. This can lead to multiple self-destructs if the furthest player keeps on running. Crossing the finish line normally causes the game to freeze.

F-Zero Grand Prix is also the setting of Mute City (SSBM), Big Blue (SSBM and SSBB), and Port Town Aero Dive (SSBB).

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