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List of F-Zero locations

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Various new locations and recurring sites appear with each subsequent installment in the F-Zero video game series. Many characters from these games have courses taking place on their own home planet. Earth is the host of some of the more well-known locations in these video games. Even though in this franchise most planets are briefly mentioned, a few contain much more elaborate information.


Race locations by game
Originated from F-Zero
Mute City Big Blue Sand Ocean Death Wind
Silence Port Town Red Canyon White Land
Fire Field
Originated from BS F-Zero Grand Prix/BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2
Sand Storm Forest Metal Fort
Originated from F-Zero X
Devil's Forest Sector Rainbow Road Space Plant
Big Hand Big Foot
Originated from F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
Bianca City Stark Farm Empyrean Colony Cloud Carpet
Tenth Zone East Beacon Port Synobazz Ancient Mesa
Crater Land
Originated from GX / AX
Cosmo Terminal Phantom Road Green Plant Casino Palace
Lightning Aeropolis Outer Space
Originated from F-Zero: GP Legend
Mist Flow Illusion
Originated from F-Zero Climax

Minor locations[edit]

Minor planets and locations
Planet: Summary:
Clifoto It appeared in the episode titled "Burn Out on Planet Clifoto" in the anime, F-Zero: GP Legend. The only mentionable thing about this planet is that it is very hot, and can cause machines to overheat.
Clyton It appeared in the fourth episode of the anime, titled "The Samurai's Secret".
Giant The home of Baba, it is a planet with expansive tracts of green land.[1]
Huckmine This is the home to the brown-skinned Furikake people, including Gomar and Shioh. Their custom have the people paired up with a partner when they are born and must do everything together.[2]
Magica Princia is the princess of the Desert Kingdom on this planet, which is a society with highly advanced scientific knowledge. She snuck off to travel around the universe with her servants, and when she came to Earth, she saw an F-Zero race and decided that she wanted to be a pilot.[2]
Mandrill 4 Michael Chain's gang, the Bloody Chain, is from Angelopolis, a city on this planet.
Nisen It was seen in the anime episode, "The Racer's Edge".
Odyapes This planet is the home of the genetically engineered ape, Billy. The Big Blue race courses featured in F-Zero X are actually held here.
Shinar This planet is home to a telepathic race, who have a life span of 200 years and are only about three feet tall. Dai Sen Gen come from this planet.[2]
Takora It is home to a race of red-skinned intelligent octopuses called Takoraians. F-Zero GX stated that this planet is economically devastated due to the on-going war with the Milky Way Space Federation and the battle between the two gets more tense with each passing day.[1] Octoman is a representative of Takora who will give his race winnings to secure their future. The Takoraians do not have highly advanced scientific technology, so it was difficult for them to build a quality racer.[2]
Tortiz 3 Pico's biography in F-Zero X states that it is speculated he is from planet Tortiz 3,[3] even though in the first F-Zero title states he is from Death Wind.[4]
Uma-41 Zoda is the leader of the Zolorkian Coalition.
White A giant crocodile on this planet attacked Beastman which inspired him to hunt dangerous alien animals.
Wondo It was mentioned in the anime episode "The Samurai's Secret". This planet has a special medicine that can only be found there.
Zou (Kericho) A planet that had been in a war 12 years previously, which is home to a bipedal, beast like race. Leon wants to use his race money to keep the children from this planet out of poverty. In F-Zero X, Kericho is said to be Leon's home planet, but in F-Zero GX it is called Zou.


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