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Finale: Enter the Creators

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Finale: Enter the Creators
Captain Falcon meets The Creators
Chapter details
F-Zero Shop cost 60 tickets
Objective Defeat The Creators in a three-lap race
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Finale: Enter the Creators is the ninth and last chapter of the story mode in F-Zero GX. It is unlocked by spending 60 tickets to purchase it in the F-Zero Shop after completing Secrets of the Champion Belt. In this chapter, Captain Falcon's objective is to defeat The Creators in a three-lap race, and presumably save the world.


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FZGX Chapter 9.png

After beating Deathborn, Captain Falcon relaxes at his secret base, where he is then confronted by The Creators. The creators vaguely explain they were behind all the events unfolding in Captain Falcon's story by saying they created the entire world.

After the explanation, they teleport Captain Falcon to a special track in Phantom Road and then create a ghost of the Blue Falcon. Captain Falcon takes this as a challenge and accepts. The track is filled with various sharp and sloped turns, drops and hills, and there are no walls. Upon overcoming this challenging course and defeating The Creators' Blue Falcon, Captain Falcon is brought back to his base and The Creators return to the Champion's Belt. Afterward, Captain Falcon takes off his helmet, facing away from the camera, and exits his base.

Difficulty Changes: In the game's files, there are three ghost replays, each with an increasingly skillful race around the track. There is no AI.


  • This chapter is one of the few instances where Captain Falcon is seen holding his gun, though he is simply reloading it.

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Finale: Enter the Creators
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