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Secrets of the Champion Belt

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Secrets of the Champion Belt
GX Story Chapter 8.png
Captain Falcon meets Deathborn in the Underworld
Chapter details
F-Zero Shop cost 60 tickets
Objective Defeat Deathborn in a three-lap race
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Secrets of the Champion Belt is the eighth chapter of the story mode in F-Zero GX. It is unlocked by spending 60 tickets to purchase it in the F-Zero Shop after completing The F-ZERO Grand Prix. In this chapter, Captain Falcon's objective is to defeat Deathborn in a three-lap race, and claim the fused Champion Belts.


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The morning after his victory in The F-ZERO Grand Prix, Captain Falcon is on the road again, having been challenged by Deathborn to a race immediately after being presented with the Champion Belt. He travels to Deathborn's lair in the Underworld, where Deathborn is waiting with the Underworld Champion Belt. When the two racers show their belts to each other, the belts fly towards each other and begin fusing.

While this is happening, Deathborn explains his motives. The two Champion Belts contain the essences of Light and Dark, the two basic forces of the universe. At the moment the two belts come together, their power can be seized. According to Deathborn, this power would allow him to "turn the entire galaxy to dust in an instant". Falcon declares that he will never allow that to happen, and the two begin the race for the Champion Belts.

The race is a long and grueling one. Falcon's route to victory is made more difficult by Deathborn's constant efforts to destroy him, as well as the track hazards, including lava patches, landmines, and tight, winding bends, but the champion of Light is able to clear everything in his way and claim victory. As Deathborn realizes he's lost, he loses control of the Dark Schneider and crashes off the track into the lava below. The two Champion Belts merge into one, and the new Champion Belt places itself around Captain Falcon's waist, as the hero vows never to let the belt fall into the hands of evil.

Difficulty Changes: Deathborn's skills become better, and the race becomes longer (4 laps in Hard, 5 laps in Very Hard)


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