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Triforce Arcade Logo.svg
Release dates
North America 2002
Japan 2002
Manufacturer Nintendo, SEGA/Amusement Vision, Namco
Media GD-ROM, NAND Cart
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The Triforce is an arcade board developed by Nintendo, SEGA/Amusement Vision, and Namco. The system hardware consists of a retail GameCube board, with a microcontroller-based "Media Board", which connects to a GD-ROM drive or a NAND cart reader. The Triforce is named as a reference to the item from The Legend of Zelda series, as well as the three companies' involvement in the project.

F-Zero games

F-Zero AX was released in in 2003 alongside its Nintendo GameCube counterpart, F-Zero GX. While it did have it's own form of saving through magnetic strip-based "Licence Cards", it was also compatible with Gamecube memory cards.

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