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F-Zero Wiki:Users

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Users are people who have registered an account at F-Zero Wiki. They have the most basic rights.

Users' rights[edit]

Right Description
edit Allows users to edit any unprotected page.
minoredit Allows users to mark small changes as "minor edits".
createtalk Allows users to create new discussion pages.
purge Allows users to purge the site's file cache, allowing updates to a page to take full effect.
sendemail Allows users to e-mail another user through the wiki.

Autoconfirmed users[edit]

Autoconfirmed users are users who have been registered for 7 days, and have made 10 edits. They are entrusted with a few more privileges than basic users.

Right Description
autoconfirmed Allows users to edit semi-protected pages.
createpage Allows users to create new pages.
forcepreviewexempt The wiki no longer forces users to preview a page before saving.
move Allows users to move unprotected pages to a new title.
movefile Allows users to rename files.
reupload Allows users to upload newer versions of existing files.
skipcaptcha The wiki no longer forces users to answer a CAPTCHA when adding external links to pages.
upload Allows users to upload files to the wiki.

Autopatrolled users[edit]

Autopatrolled users are trusted users whose edits no longer appear unpatrolled to patrollers and administrators.

Right Description
autopatrol The user's edits are automatically marked as patrolled on Special:RecentChanges.
movefile Allows users to rename files.