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F-Zero Wiki:Interwiki policy

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Capt Falcon Color6.png This is a proposed policy on F-Zero Wiki. This is not yet fully enforced; nonetheless, its details should not be ignored. Please check the talk page for ongoing discussions on this policy.

Interwiki links are links to pages of other projects, using a prefixed internal link style.

Interwiki links make it possible, to link to pages of other wikis like Bulbapedia, Metroid Wiki, etc.

A link like [[Bulbapedia:Bulbasaur]] will appear like this: Bulbapedia:Bulbasaur and redirect you to Bulbasaur's Page.

This page defines some important guidelines for interaction between F-Zero Wiki and any other wiki. These points may also be applicable to situations involving other non-wiki websites. All users at F-Zero Wiki must adhere to these guidelines (see penalties below), and all visitors are kindly requested to take these points into consideration for the benefit of all.

Submission of Content

All text at F-Zero Wiki is made available under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported, therefore anyone wishing to use text from F-Zero Wiki elsewhere must do so within the terms of the license. The same terms apply to content being added to F-Zero Wiki from other sources; license terms must be adhered to. Other copyleft licenses (e.g GFDL) have different terms, meaning that text cannot be freely copied in either direction.

All claims will be investigated. Those making a complaint are asked to show specific instances of matching text, rather than links to articles of the same name.

Layout copying

Literatim copying is not the same as research copying. (Example: A user reads an article at Wikipedia, and like the section layout and basic structure. They write a new article here and employ a similar basic layout while composing the text. There is no issue here.) Layouts do not constitute original thinking or text, so are free to be replicated or adapted.

In the event of a creative twist on article layouts, a F-Zero Wiki Admin may choose to look up histories and change the layout. If so, this is done for interwiki respect and not a legal necessity.


Any violation of these guidelines will result in a ban starting with a one-week ban, increasing with each repeated infringement. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

Other linkage

External links are disallowed, as this is viewed as a form of advertising; If the link uses [single brackets] or no brackets at all, it's an external link. This sort of linking is limited to userpages and referencing.