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User:Lord Xale

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Lord Xale
GX Deathborn.png
First Game F-Zero GX/AX
Apears in F-Zero GX, F-Zero AX
Titles The Lord of Creation
Full Username Lord Xaledoner Yllod Kimanthec
Job Class Dark Lord
Race Demi-God
Homeland Planet Negaroc
Hometown Enec
Date of Birth Unknown
Height 5' 11"
Primary Weapon Creation Sword
Associates Black Shadow, Deathborn, Zoda, Blood Falcon

Some stuff

Uh, hey... Yeah I'm kind of new at the F-Zero series... But I'm gettin' by... So, uh... yeah... That's all for now.

My own language

Okay, every now and then, you might see a word or so in something that I typed that doesn't make sense... Well it's merely a word that I made up! If you can't figure out what it means, then here's a list of my current made up words:

1. aweXome: Way cooler than awesome.

2. soundolicious: Sounds like it would taste good, but one can't find out if it is at the moment, or possibly, ever.

3. EVAH!: Just another form of the word ever that is used when you don't feel like saying ever (or if your exited).

4. YouTuber: Someone who goes onto YouTube enough to be familiar with it.

My Personal Favorite F-Zero Type Stuff on YouTube

F-ZERO Opening: This is the Japanese version of the F-Zero GP Legend anime intro for episodes 1-39. [1]

F-Zero Falcon Densetsu opening 2: This is the Japanese version of the F-Zero GP Legend anime intro for episodes 40-51. The first couple of scenes and the final scene are the same as the first intro, but the rest is different. [2]

The meaning of truth ~full~: The entire song, not just what they have in the anime intro. Just one image the entire time, though... [3]

Falcon Punch: The most famous F-Zero thing on the net that I've found (for now). Captain Falcon's final stand against Dark Million inevitably leads to him using the Falcon Punch, thus leading to Black Shadow's destruction, as well as his own. Lots of YouTube Poop parodies, spoofs, and things that contain this vid have also been made! [4]

White Land (3 versions): Three versions of my favorite F-Zero song. The first two versions are the original music from F-Zero, the third is from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. [5] [6] [7]