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Isshin Shimizu

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Yasunari Nishida (left), Isshin Shimizu (center), and Takaya Imamura (right).
Isshin Shimizu

Isshin Shimizu is a Nintendo EAD executive and Nintendo employee who was the designer of F-Zero, the first game in the F-Zero series. He would later go on to work on two other games in the F-Zero series which were F-Zero: Maximum Velocity in 2001 (which he directed) and F-Zero AX, which was an arcade port of the Nintendo GameCube game F-Zero GX. While F-Zero AX was mostly developed by Amusement Vision, Isshin Shimizu, along with fellow Nintendo EAD executives Shigeru Miyamoto and Takaya Imamura took on leading roles during its creation.

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