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Challenge of the Bloody Chain

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Challenge of the Bloody Chain
GX Story Chapter 4.png
Captain Falcon is ambushed by the Bloody Chain
Chapter details
F-Zero Shop cost 30 tickets
Objective Force Michael Chain to retire, and reach the finish first
Track length 36,000m
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Challenge of the Bloody Chain is the fourth chapter of the story mode in F-Zero GX. It is unlocked by spending 30 tickets to purchase it in the F-Zero Shop after completing High Stakes in Mute City. In this chapter, Captain Falcon's objective is to both force Michael Chain's machine to retire and reach the finish line before any other member of the Bloody Chain.


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While traveling to Lightning to put a stop to Black Shadow's antics, Captain Falcon is ambushed by Michael Chain and the Bloody Chain gang. Captain Falcon is surrounded by several members of the gang, and so is forced to accept their challenge; he must take out the gang and their leader before they reach the Lightning area border.

The player starts the chapter at over 900 km/h. Michael Chain is supported by 28 of his followers (29 according to Nintendo Power, though Captain Falcon and Michael Chain take up two of the 30 slots). While the player can destroy the followers, they only have to defeat Michael Chain's machine before reaching the finishing line. The player has a limited Boost, but can gain more by destroying the other machines. Michael Chain is considerably faster than all other machines on the course when the chapter starts, though he slows down and begins to attack Captain Falcon when all of his gang members are defeated.

Eventually, Captain Falcon overcomes the challenge of the Bloody Chain, and escapes across the Lightning border. Michael Chain commands the few remaining members of his gang to follow Captain Falcon, but after witnessing him decimating the others, they turn around and flee, forcing their leader to give up the chase as well.

Difficulty Changes: The vehicles become harder to destroy and are generally more skilled when compared to their lower-level counterparts.



  • Michael Chain's underlings in this chapter are merely re-designs of his own model. Similarly, their vehicles are palette swaps of the Wild Boar, and all carry the same number, 24; however, the underlings' vehicles have much lower stats than the actual Wild Boar, and are much more easily defeated.


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