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Hi, I'm Screwdriver. I only chose that name because it's the best I could think of. I'm usually really bad with names.

I'm here because I really like F-Zero. I'm normally pretty good with racing games, but the F-Zero games are my favorites because of the speed. Of course, in the world of Wikis, I gotta know how to be able to do a lot of different things on them. I'm part of a few Wikis, and I know it's not just type it in and show the whole world your Mona Lisa.

Contributions I've Made[edit]

I put the racetrack list for F-Zero GP Legend on GP Legend's page. I also just add little bits and pieces where ever I can on whatever Wiki I'm on.


If Japanese voice acting doesn't annoy you (it couldn't annoy me unless it was Japanese Dora the Explorer) try out the anime called F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu, or GP Legend in America. I hardly ever watch anime, but this is a good show. 3.7 out of 5 in my opinion. Good script, and a good story. Fight scenes are nothing to get hyped up about though.

Bragging Rights[edit]

I've unlocked everything in F-Zero GP Legend at least twice, maybe three times. I've unlocked the JET VERMILLION on F-Zero Maximum Velocity, although it's hard for me to use. I should watch online videos to lean how to use it correctly.

On GX, I've beat all cups on the "Master" level (with how hard they are, I think they should be called "Monster" level). And I've unlocked the proper pieces for the Frost Lynx-G4 and the Acro Lynx-G4. Both are fantastic machines.

Favorite Things[edit]



  • Rick Wheeler Because he's one of the few normal ones.
  • Pico. Come on. Tell me that an alien ex-soldier, overly-muscular, destructive turtle assassin isn't awesome!
  • Bio Rex. I've always had an affinity for lizards. I don't know why. Maybe because of Digimon. They have a lot of lizards. Yes, I like Digimon. Only the early seasons, though. Not the later ones, because the suck hard.


  • Frost Lynx-G4! One of the best!
  • Dragon Bird, definitely.
  • Fighting Comet. Have you seen it's jump?


  • Fire Field Cylinder Knot! It's a very fun track. It really brings out the competitor in me. Notice I didn't say the "fire" in me. I hate excessively overused puns such as the "egg-citing" pun.

Speaking of puns, here's one I made up myself. I don't like it, but some of my friends and family do, so whoever's reading this might. (Why?) Q: What do you call two squids that look alike? A: I-tentacle.

Bad isn't it? What's weird is that I've NEVER seen that in a joke book.


  • Movies = Hands down Aliens! 2nd: I guess The Fifth Element. 3rd: Probably Forrest Gump.
  • Video Games: 1st: The Metroid games are SO awesome! 2nd: F-Zero, for the speed.
  • Books: Of course the Holy Bible. 2nd: The Hunger Games. I can't wait to see the movie. 3rd: Tarzan of the Apes. He completely gets ripped off at the end!
  • TV shows: 1. Probably King of the Hill.

F-Zero Tips[edit]

F-Zero GP Legend[edit]

  • Use the Dragon Bird. Great machine.
  • NEVER use a vehicle with an E stat.

F-Zero GX[edit]

  • Diamond cup is LOADED with parts without rails! DO NOT snake unless you are an expert at snaking!
  • Don't use the jump pad in Fire Field Undulation.
  • Destroy as many machines as you can, but be very careful in the Diamond Cup Cosmo Terminal track.