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Yo. I'm Kperfekt, I Help Out With A Lot Of Gaming Wiki's, Such As (In Order): Smashwiki, Paper Mario Wiki, Zeldapedia, Kirby Wiki, F-Zero Wiki (Duh), Starfox Wiki, Mario Kart Wiki, And I Think I Was On Wikitroid Before...

I Also Own Several Wikis Such As: Wikihunt (Manhunt), Wave Race Wiki, Icaruspedia (Kid Icarus), And Ice Climber Wiki.

My Main On Almost Every F-Zero Game Is Samurai Goroh, Except For F-Zero Climax, Then I'm Ryu Suzaku. Oh, And Of Course F-Zero MV, In Which Case I Main As... Something. Some Kinda Car That Starts With A "J"... ITS THE ONE UNDER THAT. Or The First One You Unlock. IDK.

Anyways, I Have All 6 F-Zero Games (Yes, That Means I OWN All Six), And Am Probably Best At Either Climax Or GX. I Have Never Played AX, Only Because There Are No F*cking Arcades In NC.

Anywho (Funny Word), If You Need To Know Anything Else, Please, Just Ask Me. Thx.